CIVASAN Personal Treatment Products

CIVASAN Personal Treatment Products

Difference of CIVASAN line products


It can be applied differently depending on the skin problem.

It's a variety of products that can be applied to each skin part such as Cheeks, chin, eyes, forehead.

It can be applied to extremely sensitive skin by applying clinical trials to patients with burns.

It helps with aquaporin activity and relieves dryness on the skin.

The products used by experts are sold to consumers as they are


CIVASAN Personal Cleansing KIT


Noraxis 1st Scene - water type, Minimize skin barrier damage

Noraxis 2nd Scene - Control of the Acid Concentration of the Skin

Noraxis Polvo - Cleaning enzyme


CIVASAN Hy + balsam Personal treatment KIT 


B5 gel - booster and pH balancing, Aquaporin activation

M3 finish ampoule - Concentrated supply of water protein

Hy+balsam Cream - Moisture Capture and Retention Cream


CIVASAN Varocobin C Personal KIT

CIVASAN Varocobin c personal kit


Help absorb deep into the skin continuously for more than 24 hours

Use British vitamin C powder
Low Molecular, Soluble, Natural Collagen Hydrolized Collagen