Eat regularly and maintain a healthy body weight

Eat regularly and maintain a healthy body weight



Take twice a day before meal 

It maintains a strong effect and takes two doses a day to achieve three doses.

It helps improve metabolic syndrome and constitution, and other symptoms associated with obesity are treated together to enable more effective weight loss.

 Increase the heart beat rate / Removal the inside waste / Sweating

* If you hard to take at once you can take half of pack. 



Twice a day between meal

(Breakfast v Lunch v Dinner)

Fatt down capsules are herbal medicines that inhibit the rapid rise of blood sugar after meals, preventing conversion to body fat and helping bowel movements.

It stimulates metabolism and releases nutrients before they are absorbed into the bod


Night D-TOX

Detox Hwan is Marvel drainage

Only once a day 2 hours before go to sleep.

This herbal medicine that induces melatonin promotion and helps sleep well, which is important for diet, and detoxifies the liver, and is taken in the evening to help reduce weight while sleeping.

Recover liver function and improve metabolism / Recovering from fatigue and relieving stress

Maintain a balanced biorhythm with a sound sleep / Relief of edema

Excretion of waste matter in the body


Swell HWAN

Once a day

20 ~ 30 pill with hot water

Rmoval the Dead blood

Swelling of the lower edema

Numbness in hands and feet due to edema

Muscles are also tissues, it need to get some blood. But if it doesn't circulate. 

The muscle is not able to contract and relax. Then it will get stiff and hardens.

When your body swells, it compresses the tissues.

When your nerves are under pressure, It can cause numbness.


Flying Tea 

Extra fat burn and make your body warmer

It is good for woman health 


Night Dtox : 30days (Once a day)

S Line Hwan : 30days (60 each) (Twice a day)

Fat down capsule : 30days (60 each)  (Twice a day)

Swell Hwan : 30days (20~30pills) a day

Flying Tea : 30days (30pcs)