Home Hydra Facial Pack

Home Hydra Facial Pack

HBJ home hydra facial pack

A Healing by J Secret 

[ light peeling, golw effect, improve skin texture and wrinkle reduce pores] 


STEP 1. FACEL Super Extractor

              Soft peeling(No AHA, BHA)

STEP 2. LABELLE L7 Scrubber

              Scrub and cleansing without irritation 

STEP 3. Irenaeus Ampoules 

               Improve your skin texture 

STEP 4. Collagen velvet facial mask

               Regenerates and soothes, Smoothes lines and wrinkles

               Provides moisturization

STEP 5. ALEX Elxier & BB Cream 

               Gorgeous, glowing, healthy skin 


Tutorial videos are available