Sebum and blackhead cleansing kit

Sebum and blackhead cleansing kit

Sebum and pore care

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Model L7 has been studying water fillers for 16 years

LABELLE is that specializes in home care beauty devices that

contains Aesthetic;s know-how



No.1 Skin pore, Sebum, Acne, White head and Black head care 

Do you need acne extraction properly?

FACEL super extractor is the answer 


Are you concerning about large pore?

FACEL is able to treat your pore


How many times a month do I have to take care of it?

 Sensitive skin : 1 ~2 times

 Normal skin : 3 ~ 4 times

 * It depends on your skin type and condition 

What is the difference? 

FACEL super extractor does not have peeling function. (AHA, BHA)

It is only care for your skin pore, sebum, white head and black head.


Is this product famouse for facial treatment?

Yes of course

This product is currently sold in China, South Korea, the United states and NOW in Australia