FACEL Super Extractor

FACEL Super Extractor

Sebum Softener

▪ Easy and quick for sebum removal and pore care

▪ Effective in skin smoothing in addition to sebum removal due to CICA ingredients

▪ The skin non-irritation test has been completed by replacing the ingredients that may irritate t he skin with EWG green ingredients.

▪ With a large capacity of 150ml, it can be used for about 20 times.

▪ Cost-effective item casually used at a low price, compared to its capacity and effect.

▪ Skin damage can be reduced by soaking and dissolving sebum instead of tearing or squeezing the skin


Capacity 150ml

Skin type : All types


How to use

1. Open pore with warm towel after washing face

2. Absorb with cotton pad and attach to the skin for 15~20 minutes. 

3. Remove sebum that has risen from pore in original form with cotton swab.

4. Wash face and finish with a basic product.